Thanks to Askeed, finding your hairdresser, beautician, manicurist or beauty salon has never been easier.

Our beauty app will certainly make you dream with the thousands of photos that will be shared by users. Easily choose your provider by browsing their gallery. 


Askeed is a mobile application serving all beauty and hairdressing enthusiasts in Switzerland. Finding a provider and scheduling beauty appointments just got easier.

No more endless phone calls and texts to make an appointment with your hairdresser or beauty salon. Now, just with your smartphone in hand, easily find a provider near you.

Make price comparisons and even benefit from reduced rates by scheduling your appointment during off-peak hours.

Speak up after each service to help others know in advance the quality of a service provider. Publish, Like and Share your best photos too.

Are you a salon manager or self-employed? All the features on Askeed have been designed to help you manage your business.

On Askeed, there is something for everyone!

PS: Registration on Askeed is FREE and will remain so forever!

A beauty platform that will make your life easier

No need to travel to find the best beauty salon in your area. Quickly find in a few clicks the salons at the best rates near you. Take advantage of the thousands of performance photos shared by providers on Askeed. Benefit from discounts of up to -50 % for any appointments made during off-peak hours or at the last minute. What more ? All you have to do is register!

Proximity and discount

In just 2 minutes, with your smartphone in hand, you can make an appointment with a hairdresser, manicurist, etc. near you. So, do you need an emergency makeup artist or a hairdresser for your big day? No need to roam the city for the best deal, find what you need on Askeed.

Easy service selling

Professional or amateur? With or without living room? Whatever your status, a fashion enthusiast always remains one! Anyone skilled with his hands is welcome on Askeed. The advantage? You will be able to sell your services more easily and open up to a wider audience.

Find your community on Askeed

Follower of social networks, do you have a page or a professional account that works perfectly? All you have to do is be present on the application! Askeed is essential to acquire a wider audience since you can link it to your social networks to keep your community on the lookout for your most beautiful “beauty” creations.

An online salon, what do you think?

Opening a beauty, hairdressing, facial and body care salon is far from easy, so why not take advantage of the web? Askeed is here for just that! You don't have a salon? Let's build your online salon together around a large audience that is constantly on the lookout for news in the fashion and beauty sector.

Askeed: a revolutionary beauty application at your service!

Our ambition is to revolutionize the world of beauty and well-being. Askeed evolves taking into account all your needs. So, sign up now, give it a try and then let us know your recommendations. 

Nail salon in Lausanne

Askeed is primarily an application that highlights the achievements of talented service providers in Switzerland and especially in the Lausanne region. You too, share your best achievements thanks to Askeed.

Hairdressing salon in Lausanne

You know that finding a hair salon in Lausanne is not always easy. What if we group all these shows in one place to make your choice easier? There is nothing better, right?

barber shop

The beard is very trendy among men and there are many styles. But how do you maintain your beard? Askeed brings together the best barbers and barber shops in Lausanne, Geneva and throughout Switzerland. Find the service that suits you and make an appointment in a few clicks!

Beauty treatments

Occasionally treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in a beauty salon! With Askeed, be sure to find promotions at salons near your home. 


From now on, it is possible to quickly find a beauty salon according to your budget. Compare the prices of all the beauty care specialists in your city and set an appointment!

Managing a beauty salon on your Smartphone: is it possible? Yes ! On Askeed, manage your agenda, find clients, increase your income ... For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our values


To put it simply, Askeed is a mobile application developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.


With Askeed, we try to give you information on the prices of each service in Switzerland.


An application that offers the solutions closest to you. We also remain available at any time for your questions.

Our history

Askeed is the result of a long research and collaboration between friends at the University of Lausanne. Having become aware of the many constraints faced by consumers when fixing appointments with a beauty or hairdressing institute, we have developed this application together.

We have done tests and a lot of improvements according to the needs of consumers and especially salons. As a result, Askeed is a revolutionary application in the world of beauty in Switzerland.

Years have passed, Askeed is here, but we need you. So, let's write our new story together!