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The beard is very trendy among men and there are many styles. But how do you maintain your beard? Askeed brings together the best barbers and barber shops in Lausanne, Geneva and throughout Switzerland. Find the service that suits you and make an appointment in a few clicks! 

Discover the know-how of barbers on Askeed

There are several beard shaving techniques and each barber has their own method. Traditional razor, straight razor, electric razor or even threading: good barbers know traditional and modern techniques. 

Contact the barber shops on Askeed to find the shave that's right for you. 

How to choose your barber on Askeed?

On Askeed, each barber shares photos of his achievements as well as a detailed description of his services and prices. You will easily find the barber shop that suits you on the application. 

In addition, the Askeed team regularly checks that all the information on the platform is up to date, to offer you the best user experience. 

Treat yourself to a friendly moment in your barber shop

Calling on a barber means choosing to maintain your beard but also to take care of yourself! 

The quality of the service is essential, but other criteria such as the atmosphere within the barber shop can help you make your choice. 

On Askeed, you will have access to customer reviews of different barbers. Following your experience, you too can leave a review to help other users. 

Hairdresser and barber: complementary skills

These are two different professions: a hairdresser takes care of your hair, while a barber is a specialist in the maintenance of your beard.

However, you will often find a hairdresser at your barbershop. It will help you assert your style by matching your haircut with your beard. 

Beard size, cut, care, personalized advice... Find hundreds of barber shops on Askeed!