Visual design
and logo

Building a new visual identity is an important step in standing out from the competition. With GeekWorkers, take advantage of the expertise of our graphic designers to create a logo that suits you and strengthen your brand image. 

What are the determining points when creating a visual identity?

Always keep your objective, activity and audience in mind to think of a graphic design that will act as a real communication tool.

Then define the values of your institute to create a visual identity in accordance with the message you want to convey.

Opt for a modern and easy-to-identify logo. A good logo is an illustration that will set you apart from your competitors.

To realize your idea and help you develop it, branding experts like GeekWorkers can help you! They will know how to play with the different graphic elements in order to bring out your identity.

Make sure that your graphic charter is adapted to all your communication media: business cards, website, social networks, flyers, etc. Your visuals will be even more personalized!

Also choose a graphic charter that can be easily adapted, so that it can be consistent with developments in your sector of activity.

The last step is to bring out your personality in all of your visual creations. To do this, place your trust in our experts.

Beauty salon: why a visual identity?

Each beauty institute or hairdressing salon has its own history, values and expertise. Having a graphic identity allows them to be conveyed and to arouse the attention of prospects.

Entrust your logo project to our professional graphic designers who will be able to offer you easily memorable creations for your prospects. Thus, you will be sure to see your notoriety grow, thanks to a strong brand identity!

We offer the following services at a lower cost...

Logo and visual identity creation

By being an Askeed partner, you benefit from a reduced rate on logo design and especially on the definition of your visual identity. Entrust this task to our team of creatives to strengthen the image of your brand and thus benefit from an optimal positioning on your market. 

Design of your graphic charter

From your logo, we can produce the graphic charter which will allow you to be identified quickly on all media. Get help from branding specialists in defining your brand's identity.

Photo and HD video shooting

GeekWorkers works closely with professional photographers. We travel to take pictures in your institute. 

Our specialists also have skills in corporate video creation. Thus, we are able to create content for you as part of your visual communication to highlight your salon and reveal your brand image.