Microneedling, the new trend in the aesthetic world

The world of aesthetics is constantly evolving, treatments, like products, are always on the lookout for more efficiency, at affordable cost. Microneedling is an anti-aging skincare technique very recently used in aesthetic medicine. In view of its remarkable results, this natural and non-invasive 100 % technique quickly gained the Swiss market. Several beauty institutes offer microneedling so that we can find a young face. How is the session going? What are the effects? Are there any contraindications? Zoom on the microneedling in Geneva.

Microneedling - a typical session

The principle of microneedling is to perform micro-perforations on the skin of the face using a dermaroller, a needle device, to stimulate the production of collagen.

The skin that is regenerated is thus younger and without any scars. Generally, the session takes place in 3 main stages: cleansing the skin, perforation and hydration. Depending on the institute, it may or may not be accompanied by a light therapy session to promote the diffusion of the active ingredients in the skin.

First, the beautician will examine your skin to find out which areas to focus on. Then, it will disinfect the skin to prevent bacteria from entering during micro-perforations. Comes after the use of the dermaroller, according to a well-defined meaning. 

Do not worry, you will not normally feel any pain, the discomfort is still quite bearable. The beautician specifies this when the use of an anesthetic cream is necessary. The beautician will insist on the areas where the wrinkles are clearly visible. Finally, the session ends with a gentle moment: the application of care and / or moisturizer since the skin will be very receptive at this time.

The effects of microneedling

After a microneedling session, your skin will be dewy. In very rare cases, there may be micro-bleeding. It is advisable not to be in the sun for at least 48 hours. The redness usually goes away after 48 hours. But in some cases, depending on the skin type, it may still be a little noticeable after a week. You can, however, hide it under a foundation.

The result of microneedling remains very appreciable: fine lines disappear since the skin is totally regenerated. Likewise for age spots and other scars on the face, they are faded. The skin of the face is visibly plumped and less dull. All this in one session that lasts about 1h30. Some beauty institutes and facials in Switzerland offer packages of several sessions spaced 15 days apart to optimize the effects. 

Microneedling - contraindications

Although it is a non-invasive and natural technique, microneedling is not recommended during a hormonal crisis and on people who cannot manage the bleeding. In particular, the following cases are contraindicated: pregnancy, taking anticoagulant, taking anti-inflammatory drug, autoimmune disease such as diabetes, skin rash: cyst, acne or herpes ... 

However, the testimonials on microneedling remain very positive, a session costs around 100 CHF, depending on the equipment and the products used. Where to do it? You will easily find a beauty institute near you on Askeed. By comparing offers and reviews, rest assured that you have the best professional at your disposal.

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