SEA - Google Ads Advertising

Entrust us with the optimization of your advertising campaign on Google. We help SMEs and large companies to choose the most relevant keywords. We take care of the geographical targeting and also of the adaptation of the advertisements according to the budget. So, whatever your budget, our geeks know all the secrets to make your Google Ads campaign a success and thus ensure your visibility on search engines. 

Optimize your acquisition strategy with our SEA consultants

Paid referencing or SEA: What are the advantages?

The first advantage of a paid campaign on Google is the rapid acquisition of notoriety on the search engine. Are you at the launch of your site? GeekWorkers is here to help you quickly gain traffic to your site. 

You can monitor the progress of your campaign in real time and assess the impact of your sponsored ads by evaluating the growth of the click through rate. You will therefore be able to judge for yourself the skills of our geeks and see the return on investment of your AdWords campaign. 

You have no idea about the budget to allocate to your SEA campaign? Know that we always develop a study upstream to define the main lines to follow for your campaign. Thus, we can advise you on the budget to establish and adapt the ads to it. 

Always work with experts

Even if the establishment of a campaign on Google ads is accessible to all, know that there will always be important points to master. For the sake of transparency, we want to fully inform you of the method used to build your paid ads.

We set up the sponsored campaign, ad groups and ads. We will then create an easy-to-understand tutorial for you to manage your advertisements on Google AdWords yourself and measure its effectiveness, in particular with Google Analytics.

Why do you need advertisements?

Ads on Google allow you to reach your targets effectively and optimize your conversion. You have freedom over the choice of search terms. We can help you find these keywords by identifying the most used queries on search engines. Invest your budget in a well-researched campaign. 

Askeed + SEA + SEO: Effective combo for your salon

Stand out quickly and effectively from your competitors by being present everywhere. Below is the strategy.

First, be active on Askeed: the social network dedicated to beauty and hairdressing. As you already know, you have the possibility to manage your appointments on your account. Sharing your accomplishments with your subscribers will also boost your conversion rate. 

Then work with GeekWorkers SEA Consultants for an effective paid Google campaign. In addition to your presence on Askeed, why not be visible on the first page of search on Google? 

Finally, opt for the long-term SEO optimization of your website. There is nothing better than a well-worked natural referencing to have the best place in the search results. But this works over a slightly longer period and requires regular adjustments. 

In short, all this to tell you that we offer you an effective combo to increase your turnover thanks to high visibility on the web. Who says better ?