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Promote your salon on social media

The importance of social media for beauty salons

Develop your institute on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube, social media are, to date, very numerous. Today's consumers are not yesterday's. Before making a purchase, they have become accustomed to reading the opinions of other customers on Google or directly on the social networks of beauty salons.

Highlight your specialties and share your best achievements on these platforms in order to attract new customers. Thus, you will be able to quickly develop your notoriety and retain your audience. All this with the aim of having an active community around your brand. With the help of GeekWorkers, develop an impactful social media strategy and all this at an unbeatable price.

Which social networks should you use?

Askeed : Take advantage of the first application that brings together thousands of salons and institutes in Switzerland. Being present on a platform dedicated to beauty and hairdressing will affirm you as a seasoned professional in your sector of activity. 

Instagram : You certainly already have a professional page on Instagram. Even if you don't have a website, having an account on Instagram has become essential for growing your business. We can optimize your profile so that it reflects the image of your brand, by producing content adapted to your sector of activity. 

Facebook : Develop your community on the 1er social network around the world. Don't have time to take care of it? Our Community Managers can take care of this efficiently. We will provide your subscribers with relevant content. 

How to animate your community?

Being present on social networks is an essential practice as part of a digital communication strategy. However, creating commitment around a community is not easy. To do this, you must offer original content to your audience in order to retain it. Trust our teams to create content and visuals that generate engagement to build you a solid e-reputation. 

What we create as content on social media

Newsletters and promotional emails

We realize from A to Z your mailing campaign or the regular sending of your newsletters. We define the objectives with you upstream and then deliver engaging content to federate a community around your institute.  

Social networks

Creation of visuals, design of content adapted to your target, optimization of your profile, creation of Ads campaign on social networks. Expert in digital marketing, GeekWorkers will be able to create original relevant content adapted to your target, after having developed the most effective content strategy. 

Blog article writing

Feed regularly your blog, in order to improve your natural referencing. Web writing specialists seo, GeekWorkers editors will define, according to your request, the most relevant queries and keywords to ensure the best position in search engines.